My first recipe book, B.I.Y. – Bake It Yourself, was published by Quadrille in August 2015 and features over 80 original, sweet and savoury recipes. B.I.Y. is available here.

Some of my recipes from the Great British Bake Off series 5 are also on my page on the BBC Food website.

For my cake recipes, click here


For my bread recipes, click here


For more of my sweet bakes, click here

Heart doughnuts

For more savoury food, click here

Sausage Roll Wreath


10 thoughts on “Recipes

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  2. Your ‘bakes’ have inspired me to make edible gifts for the holidays this year. I’m just trying to pick one recipe but you make it hard to choose!


  3. Hey Richard,
    This is a great blog. I can’t wait to try out the many delicious recipes here.
    I live in Taiwan and just bought your book BIY yesterday. I flipped through the pages and noticed that you use a lot of yeast in your bread recipes (1 tbsp). When I bake, with 350g flour, I only use about two teaspoons of yeast.
    My question is, is your yeast different from my active dry yeast? Is it possible to use too much yeast? If I use less, will my bakes fail?


    • Hi yuchingwang23,
      Really happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the show, we certainly had fun being a part of it! It is always a thrill to hear that some has taken the time to buy my book too!
      With regard to yeast; I do put a little more than necessary in some of my recipes, mainly to ensure reliable results for people who are new to baking. I am sure your bakes will turn out just as well with a yeast quantity that you know works well.
      I really hope you enjoy the book.
      Happy baking,

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  4. Hey Richard!

    I seriously need your HELP …… PLEASE….. 1. I would love the recipe for your hazelnut mocha entremet , can’t find it anywhere! Oh n if you happen to know Nancy’s lime & passionfruit recipe that would be awesome… 2. This is my main inquiry, can you please tell what the pan, cylinder, tube & tray thing used to make entremet Is called!!! Please help me before I go nuts!!!
    Cheers from Australia



  5. Howdy from Texas! Huge fan of GBBO, and I am waiting on your book to come in the mail! I was hoping your recipe for the pistachio praline sponge you did for the first signature challenge would be included, but I don’t think it is.
    Any place I could find it? I have looked through your blog but haven’t seen it there either.
    Cheers, and I think you and your family are just precious! Girl mom here too 😊 🎀 Oh and I LOVE the Roald Dahl birthday you did!! Great work!


  6. Howdy from Texas! Id love to get your pistachio praline Swiss roll you did for the first signature cake challenge. I have looked for it but can’t seem to find it. I’ve tried to create my own but it’s not quite right… Anxiously waiting for your book to arrive on my doorstep, thanks so much for all the inspiration!
    Ellie Cormack, fellow girl mom and baker


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