Bake Off Series 5

© Love Productions

© Love Productions

Being on the Great British Bake Off Series 5 in 2014 was an incredible experience, which introduced me to a wonderful bunch of people.

You can follow what my baking friends are up to below:

Chetna   @ChetnaMakan

Claire   @bake_therapist

Enwezor   @EnwezorN

Iain   @Iain_Watters

Jordan   @LaPetitLion

Kate   @TreacleBakes

Luis   @LuisTroyano

Martha   @MarthaCollison

Nancy   @NancyBBakes

Norman   @NormCalder

13 thoughts on “Bake Off Series 5

  1. I’m in the US and have really enjoyed watching the show. I’ve actually been trying to buy the book but so far, not having any luck… Everyone is sold out! Congratulations on your performance; the show is great and you have such a great attitude! Good luck!


  2. I really enjoyed watching the show (on Richard, you are a brilliant baker. To be named Star Baker five times (that’s HALF the series!!) and then to lose out to Nancy, whose showstopper, by the way, was not technically perfect, is a crime!! The judges messed up BIG TIME! Am logging on to to buy your book, not Paul or Mary’s. Best wishes in all you do!


    • Thank you so much Karen. We all all had a terrific summer doing Bake Off, and because of the show we made ligelong friends. Thanks for buying my book;I’m really proud of it.


  3. Hi Richard, do you know if your book will be available in the US? I was finally able to get the show’s book (I posted an earlier comment on your site) but yours, is currently only available in the UK. Again, great job and I do think you should’ve won! Bev


    • Cheers Bev! I’ll have a word with my publishers and Amazon and see if we can get some books over the water. It was so much fun to do, and has resulted in an exciting year for me and the rest of the team.


  4. Hello Richard, I just discovered the GBBS here in the US and enjoyed it so much. All of the contestants in Series 5 seemed like such a nice bunch of people. I got teary-eyed in the Final when you, Nancy, and Luis walked out of the tent. I loved you all, but I also think you should’ve won. I bought your book on Amazon UK and Luis’ book too. I can’t wait to try out your recipes. You have a new fan in me. Cheers!
    Eileen Gualberto
    Colorado, USA


    • What a lovely message Eileen! We had such a brilliant summer doing the show last year and we’ve all stayed in touch. I’ve spent most of this afternoon organising our Christmas get together! Really glad you enjoyed it and thanks for buying our books!


  5. Hi, I’m in Virginia (US) and just binged watched your GBBS season on Netflix. Was so impressed with you that I tracked down your website! Loved everyone on the series. 🙂


  6. I so enjoyed watching the doughnut portion. I was able to get the toffee apple doughnut recipe but couldn’t get the “rubarb and custard”. I really would like to get that recipe. If you can send it to me I’d really appreciate it. In the meantime I will be making the toffee apple doughnuts.

    Thanks for your lovely efforts.
    Amy Ongaro


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  8. Hi! My kids and i just finished watching your season of Great British Bake off (on netflix here in the US), and you were quickly our favorite. One of my sons said, “I like him, cause he’s nice and happy.” Thanks for that. I have four boys, and i love that they got to see a builder who loves to bake and who bakes well. You have them intrigued. They now know they can be builders (since they love that sort of thing) AND bakers at the same time. I love that. Thank you for the great example you were on the show, of happy, hard working, positive humility. We will be seeking out your book. Congrats to you on all your successes!


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