Been A While!

Been nearly a month since my last blog so a quick update on where that month has gone…!

I can’t believe how quickly the past month has flown past. The highlight of course was the London Marathon on Sunday 22 April. It was the hottest ever London Marathon but I was delighted to be going into it injury-free and as such, I got my best ever marathon time of 4 hours 24 minutes. I ran the Paris Marathon in 2008 and the London Marathon in 2005 so I was really chuffed to have beaten my 20-something-year-old self in particular. We were looked after so well by the team from Great Ormond Street Hospital and I’m pleased with the collective sponsorship we were able to raise for them. My sponsorship page is still open, here, and I am very grateful for the generosity so many of my blog readers have shown. If you want to do something to raise money for this wonderful charity, there is still a week left to sign up for the Great Ormond Street ‘Bake It Better’ campaign – all the details are here. As for me, I’m hoping to do the 100 mile Prudential RideLondon event for them next so got to get out on my bike to train.

What made the Marathon particularly special was running it as part of the Baker’s Dozen – 13 past Great British Bake Off contestants pictured above – Tom, Jane, Mat, Michael, Beva, Ian, Me, Selasi, Frances, Enwezor, Kate, Chetna and Alvin. There’s a nice write-up of our experience here on the London Marathon page, and ten of us are meeting up for a celebratory dinner this week. I want to say a massive thank you to my wife Sarah (pictured with me at the top of this post) for coming up with the idea for the Baker’s Dozen in the first place, cajoling all the group to run it, liaising with the London Marathon team and the charities and keeping us all motivated on our WhatsApp for months and months. Sarah ran the marathon too that day and for both of us to have our daughters in the crowd watching was a really special experience. We’ve agreed to run it again in 16 years when our youngest daughter is 18, so we can run with all three of our girls too.

Aside from that it’s been quiet this end as I’m up to my eyes renovating my house so by the weekends I’m just so grateful to have a break! I’m making substantial changes to our kitchen so we’ve been without an oven and a hob for over a month as I’ve laid a whole new solid floor (in progress above with my Dad). I’ve been keeping the family fed through the use of my portable ceramic hot plate that I use for baking demos. I’ve had to be pretty inventive but I am really craving a roast dinner and some cake! I’m also still working on some baking-related projects so every now and then I have to rush across the road to my parents’ house to use their kitchen. It’ll all be worth it in the end and when the kitchen is done, I’ll share all the pictures and details on my blog. Until next time, Happy Baking!


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