What Have I Missed?!

St Tropez

Two-thousand miles of driving later and I’m home! What did I miss?!

La Baume
I’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks in France and (briefly) Switzerland. The past year and a half has been so full on that this was the first time in ages I’ve really relaxed. I haven’t baked for over a fortnight though so time to get back in the kitchen this week. We drove through France to Frejus in Provence, where we stayed with Eurocamp. It was a fantastic holiday, especially for the kids. I even got the chance to introduce my 6-year-old daughter to oysters, mussels and smoked trout; she’s my gourmet food buddy in training. Our 2016 Eurocamp brochure has already arrived so we’re eagerly circling next year’s possibilities.
Bread Saint Maxime
I’ve got a bit of Bake Off to catch up on now I’m back. I managed to watch Biscuit Week from the campsite and write about it for the Radio Times and Cooked.com, but sadly my internet connection failed me this week so I haven’t seen Bread Week yet. My reviews will return this week. I have seen Paul’s lion and Ian’s flowerpot on Twitter though so looking forward to watching; some seriously impressive skills on show. There was some beautiful bread on display in the boulangeries of France too (see picture above), which has got the ideas flowing in my head. It’s Dessert Week (surely it should be ‘Pudding Week’ on a British Bake Off?!) this week and they’re making creme brûlées and cheesecakes, can’t wait!
Lake Annecy
On our way back from Provence we went via my sister-in-law Kate’s place in Saint Jorioz, on Lake Annecy. I was totally bowled over by this town and can’t wait to go back. I spent most of the day swimming in the lake, planning all the treks and cycle rides I want to do there and watching the paragliders, who looked like colourful human confetti against the mountains. Kate’s had the place for a few years but it was our first chance to get out there and visit. We’re looking forward to out-staying our welcomes for the next few summers now! Kate works for CERN in Geneva so we also went via her Swiss home to celebrate our nephew’s first day at school. This is a really big deal in German culture (Kate’s husband is German) and so Kate prepared schultüte for my nephews and daughters (with a huge cone for my school-starting nephew) to mark the occasion. I’ll definitely be introducing this tradition when our younger daughter starts school next year.

BIY book
No time for the holiday blues though as we’re off on a long weekend’s camping to the Big Feastival this weekend! I’m doing a baking demo and book signing on Friday so come along and see me if you’re there – there are still tickets left for the Friday and Saturday. My book, B.I.Y. Bake It Yourself, is now available. While I’ve been away, so many people have sent me pictures on Twitter and Facebook having seen copies in book shops already. I can’t wait to experience that myself – seeing it on the shelves. I’ve been keeping the appearances section on my website up to date and will continue to add to it. September is going to be pretty full on, I can’t wait! Luis’s book, Bake It Great, was also released this week. I really want to get a copy but I’m holding off until his book launch party the week after next so he can sign it for me!
Home to Leia
Anyway, we’ve got about six loads of washing to do, a car to unpack and a dog (who has missed us like crazy) to love so I’ll sign off for now. My blog will follow on Bank Holiday Monday next week rather than Sunday as I’ll still be at the Feastival. Fingers crossed for good weather, have a great week…!

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