Bake Off Fever!


While this week’s been a bit crazy for me, there are 12 other people it’s been a whole lot crazier for. I can’t wait for the new series of Bake Off to start this Wednesday – on your marks, get set, BAKE!

Joe and Seph

I’ve had a really busy week this week as everything ramps up for the next series of the Great British Bake Off and for my book, B.I.Y. Bake It Yourself, coming out on 27 August. I’m also off on holiday to France at the weekend so no blogs from me for a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to hit the French markets and come back inspired for loads of new bakes. I’ve got a real urge to make nougat after I saw some salted caramel nougat on Twitter this week. I also got a great delivery from Joe & Seph’s (in the picture above) so when I’m back from holiday I’m going to start working these sauces into some new bakes.

Sunday Baking

I’m busy today making some more cakes for CBeebies – I’ll reveal more soon. But it means I’ll have some emergency cake in the house for this Wednesday’s episode of Bake Off. Week One is Cake Week, as it was for us last year. I’ve been busy checking out all the new contestants on Twitter and Instagram. So far I’ve found Alvin, Dorret, Flora, Ian, Mat, Nadiya, Sandy, Stu, Tamal & Ugne on Twitter. Give them a follow too! I tried hard to find out a bit of gossip from the Bake Off crew but they’re like MI5 agents – nothing gets past them – so I’m going to have to keep a beady eye on the first few episodes to see if I can spot the potential winner.


In the first Bake Off episode, the showstopper is a Black Forest Gateau. That’s such a favourite of mine that I put my version (above) on the front cover of my book. I think Wednesday will be a real mouth-waterer. I’m going to be writing about the new series for the Radio Times this year, as I did for the Comic Relief Bake Off back in March. Speaking of the Radio Times, don’t forget to vote for your favourite ever Bake Off Contestant here (unless you’re planning to vote for someone other than me, in which case, don’t bother clicking on that link!)

PA News

I’ve been talking about my book a lot this week as we’re getting ready for its launch and all the places I’ll be going to to promote it between now and Christmas. I got to sign my first copy and this week I’m off to my publishers, Quadrille, to sign about 500 further copies. On Tuesday this week, Claire Spreadbury from the Press Association came round to my house for an interview and a lesson in how to make fig and anise millefeuille, which is featured in my book. Thanks to Ian West for the picture above too.

Dot London

I also had a crew over from Dot London this weekend, to make a short promo film about why I chose to have a .london website. As I said to them, one of the reasons is that there’s a Richard Burr much more famous than me – a Republican Senator in the US with some pretty right wing views – pro-tobacco, pro-gun, anti-abortion, etc. Whenever you Google ‘Richard Burr’ it’s his name that comes up so as I was starting this blog around the time Dot London launched, it was the perfect solution for me as I think most people know I’m a Londoner. It also gives me a good excuse every time my wife Sarah gets misty eyed watching ‘Escape to the Country’ to say “sorry, we can’t move, I’ve got a London website now”!

I’m ashamed to say I had no idea it was National Cheesecake Day last Wednesday (no one got me a card!), but if you’re in the mood for making one, my latest Scoff video above has a recipe for white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake – easy and delicious! As I said, no blog from me for a few weeks but check out my views on the new series on the Radio Times website and I’ll still be on Twitter. See you soon!

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