Easter Holidays


No blog from me last week as I was captured by pirates. Thankfully I was well treated and back on dry land now to get stuck in to lots of different things.

Arcade heroes

We had a great Easter break with the kids, and it was the longest I’ve gone without baking for well over a year. We went to Norfolk to stay with my good friend Ross (pictured saving the world with me above) and his family. I spend quite a lot of time in East Anglia and every time we go I start thinking about a move to the countryside but I reckon my heart’s still in London for the time being. It was pretty tempting though, as we chartered a boat on the Norfolk Broads (with Herbert Woods – I’d really recommend them) for a few days. We had no phone reception and I really enjoyed drifting along at 5 miles an hour without a care in the world.

My book

Since I’ve been back in London I’ve been busy with the final edits of my book, BIY. I went to visit my publishers, Quadrille, this week and in the picture above I’m holding the dummy copy of my book. The dummy copy is so I could get a sense of the size and thickness of the book. I’ve never been so excited to hold a blank book before! The whole publishing process has been fascinating, from which of my tools to balance cakes on in the pictures to what type of paper it’ll be printed on – I’m really enjoying all the details. I took home a printed copy of all the pages from my book this week as I need to read through the lot, cover to cover, and make sure it’s all accurate. I can’t wait for it to be published – I think it looks ace!

cake testing

This weekend we were testing different cake flavours and fillings for my brother in law and his fiancée’s wedding cake. We made a bit of a night of it and set out all the different sponges, butter creams and fillings for a cake mix-and-match. I think they’ve decided on their favourites. I’ll be making them a 4-tiered cake, so they’ve gone for coconut cake, carrot cake, ginger cake and pistachio cake for each of the layers. I ate a bit too much Italian meringue butter cream though – it’s so good, so today has been strictly savoury for me.

Quick poll: which of these four flavours would be your favourite?



Italian meringue

I’m still working my baking around my building and I’m back at work now. But I’ve got a couple of days off over the next few weeks to film some baking videos for Scoff, one of Video Jug‘s YouTube channels. I’ll tell you more about these in due course, but I’m looking forward to it.



Finally I was really chuffed to see that The Great British Bake Off is up for two awards at the 2015 Bafta Television Awards. One of them is in the Features category, but the one I’m more excited about is the Radio Times Audience Award category, as it’s voted for by the public. We’re up against Game of Thrones, which is pretty bizarre, so please cast your vote for Bake Off if you can (although I’ll understand if you don’t – I love a bit of Game of Thrones)!

I’ve been chatting to my fellow bakers the last few days as we’re planning a Class of 2014 catch-up next weekend. We reckon the next batch of bakers have either just met each other for the first day of filming, or will be meeting very soon. Good luck to all of you if you’re reading this. Work hard, and have as much fun as you can, it really is a hoot!

See you next week folks!



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