Bakers Gonna Bake, Bake, Bake…

Comic Relief

Just a quick blog post today as up to my elbows in flour for the last few days of shooting my book, B.I.Y. – Bake It Yourself. I promise I’ll add a good Mother’s Day recipe to my blog later in the week though.

Chris Terry

I’m taking a brief break from the kitchen to update my blog this evening. I’ve baked six different things already today, with three more to go! This week, there was a moment on Thursday evening when there were eight different sweet bakes left over in my kitchen. I can only apologise to my neighbours if they’re piling on the pounds as a result! I can’t wait to see my book, B.I.Y. – Bake It Yourself, complete though. Chris Terry (pictured with me above), the photographer shooting the book, has given us a sneak preview of some of the shots and we can’t stop looking at them! It makes the long hours totally worthwhile. I’m really proud and I can’t wait to tell people all about it soon.

It was my birthday this week too, and I got a FitBit Flex, to make the most of being on my feet all day. I’m already slightly addicted to it, as quite a few FitBit users warned me I would be! No time to party this week, but when we finish shooting the book on Tuesday we’re going to go out for a few drinks to have a bit of a belated birthday celebration.

Red Nose Day

We’re also getting ready for Red Nose Day on Friday. As I found with Children In Need a few months ago, the kids (above) get so excited in the lead-up to these days due to all the activity they do at school and nursery around it. I’ve now got the Comic Relief Recipe Book, so I’ll be making a few bits from that for my wife Sarah to take to work. Personally, I’ve never worked in an office, but Sarah says that come 3 o’clock people will pay through the nose for a late afternoon sweet pick-me-up, so hopefully this will raise a bit of cash for Comic Relief! Don’t forget to download your fundraising packs if you’re doing your own bake sales.


I really enjoyed the final part of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off this week, and I’ve loved writing about each of the episodes for The Radio Times too. This week, the contestants had to make vegetable cakes. The last vegetable cake I made was for the gorilla pictured above – Zaire. It was her 40th birthday back in October and as I try to support London Zoo as much as possible, I was happy to make this special treat for her. I got loads of advice from her keepers on what food she preferred but I’ve never been so nervous about whether someone would like one of my cakes before! Thankfully she loved it:



The lovely pink rhubarb above is going in the last recipe in my book – it’s a good’un! If you want to know what I’m doing with it, a couple of days after my book is released in August I’ll be appearing at The Big Feastival in the Cotswolds so I’ll tell you then. Tickets went on sale this weekend so if you fancy camping with the kids over the August Bank Holiday, hopefully I’ll see you there! Anyway, no rest for the wicked so I’d better get back to work. Until next week…

3 thoughts on “Bakers Gonna Bake, Bake, Bake…

  1. Great post! Happy Birthday (ancient cultures celebrate birthdays for one full month), hope it is your best year ever!


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