Life post-Bake Off


What a week!

Alright! It’s been a crazy week since the Bake Off final. I was a bit worried that I’d let people down at the last hurdle but you know what? It was so much fun that the disappointment faded pretty quickly.

In the past week I’ve been lucky enough to have done so many great things. Last Sunday, I went to the Cake & Bake Show at Earl’s Court. It was off the hook! While I briefly got to see my fellow bakers, the highlight of the day was the avalanche of happy Bake Off fans I got to meet. My wife Sarah was able to track my day on Twitter with the number of pictures people posted with me! I also got to help Rosemary Shrager out during her demonstration, which was bonkers but also loads of fun.

Great Ormond Street Bake It Better

On Tuesday morning, I got to judge the Great Ormond Street nurses’ Bake It Better competition, which was great as I’m never one to say no to free cake. That evening, I was on The One Show with Nancy and Luis making a five minute hazelnut coffee cup cake to be judged by Professor Brian Cox – surreal! I’d like to add, the cakes were disgusting so I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home!

Richard & Paul

On Wednesday we filmed the last Extra Slice programme to celebrate Nancy’s fantastic win in the final. I’d really enjoyed watching my baking friends’ episodes of Extra Slice this year so it was great to get the chance to take part in it myself. During a fire alarm in rehearsals I snuck off and gatecrashed the set of the next 007 film to chat with the carpenters there about what they were building – it was brilliant. I loved the cake I got from the show, made by Cakes By Robin. I’m having to keep it at my parents’ house so my kids don’t give in to the temptation to eat Daddy’s head! I was happy to see the cake-me wearing a star t-shirt – Sarah bought me a different star-print t-shirt for the following episode every time I won star baker during the series. I handed over the sheriff’s badge to it’s final resting place – a well deserved spot on Nancy’s mantlepiece.

On Thursday I got to go back to BBC Broadcasting House for an interview with BBC London followed by one with the BBC News Channel. I tended to be the ‘and finally’ story that followed Ebola all week. I’m such a news geek so it was amazing to be interviewed by Gavin Esler particularly and to meet so many other presenters while I was there. I made them rhubarb and custard doughnuts so they’d be kind to me – it seemed to work as they didn’t ask me any probing political questions!

Alex & Richard

Yesterday, my family and I travelled up to Manchester for the day to watch the filming of this year’s CBeebies panto at the Lowry Theatre, next to MediaCity. I think of everything I’ve done this year, this was the thing that impressed the kids the most. We had such a great day and it was brilliant meeting all of our favourite CBeebies presenters – especially my mate Alex Winters – they’re all major celebrities in our house!

So what next? What do you think I should do? Answers on a postcard…!

12 thoughts on “Life post-Bake Off

  1. You didn’t let anyone down Richard! you were absolutely fantastic throughout the series and I hope you’re veery proud 🙂 I think you should go on some form of tour, (with either a book or your food!) so you can meet more doting fans and we can try some things you’ve made (the doughnuts look deliccccious)


  2. What to do next? A cookbook, please! Let us have a go at* some of these 5 star bakes of yours!

    *and probably ruin…


  3. Thanks so much for mentioning our cake. We loved doing it! I’m glad it’s safely stowed at your mum and dads. It’s fruit cake so will keep for quite a while. If you ever want to come and hone your cake decorating skills, you’d always be welcome to come down to Cakes by Robin for a lesson. We appreciate brightly coloured kids cakes! X


  4. It was so lovely watching you at the Bake Off since we went to uni, we looked forward to it every evening. We still think you deserved to win, but we are glad you had a nice week since the final. Looking forward to reading your adventures on the blog! 🙂


  5. You definitely did not let anybody down in the Bake Off final! Nancy may have won the competition but you were the public’s champion! Keep building and baking and you won’t go far wrong 🙂


  6. You were AMAZING on GBBO, Richard! I loved your personality as well as your bakes 🙂 I’m extremely sad that you didn’t win but Nancy was a deserved winner… if only it could have been a joint three way win! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week. I wish I could have gone to the Cake & Bake Show, from what I’ve heard it was very good. I look forward to more recipes from my favourite builder baker! 😀


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